Roadmap (OUTDATED)

(The [[Known Issues|KnownIssues]] list has some separate items currently. So check that out too.)


  • The defaults need reviewing.
  • The seeds for the the different dye plants can't be obtained without cheating.
  • All five tiers of the Infernum plant give the same amount of essence.
  • Mods should have separate address spaces, to prevent name collisions.


  • Add fluid capabilities. At least to the tank, but then all of the irrigation stuff.
  • Fire events for planting, growing, fertilizing, etc. Probably subclass the Forge events.
  • Add support for detecting liquids, fire, skulls, and other atypical blocks. For examples, sugarcane can be planted without water nearby.
  • Set the documentation or website up so that we can accept PRs or contributions.
  • Expand compatibility. For example, MFR machines.
  • Enable weeds to actually be a threat.
  • The Journal and JEI interfaces need updating.

Misc Fixes

  • The water_pad is not working 100% yet, so there's no workaround for supporting plants that grow on water.
  • Grate rendering and bounding boxes aren't correct.
  • Need to check for other client side lighting information bugs.
  • Stacking issue with seeds from the analyzer versus crop sticks.
  • When picking plants from a list (spawning, spreading) the code often favors items from the front of the list. That needs instead to be a fair weighted random pick. Maybe add a helper method or class. (Cache the work.)
  • Redstone ore that is glowing is different from normal kind, and so is invalid for the redstone resource plant.
  • The Sprinkler irrigation doesn't respect bonemeal: false. Oops.
  • Crop sticks won't replace grass and other such items when being placed. Instead they get put next to them.
  • The Sprinkler could cache what it has found and search less often.
  • The irrigation multiblocks need review.
  • Water particle effect for the sprinkler's target.


  • Look into how big the changes for 1.11 and 1.12 are.

Wishful ideas

  • Fertilizers with different features.
  • Using consumable fertilizers in the irrigation.
  • Plants affecting the player when the walk through the crop.
  • Variety to the crop sticks. For example, supporting larger versions of normal plants.
  • Instead of harvesting resetting growth progress to zero, have a difference between initial growth and regrowth.